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Digital Display Sanitizing Station

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Model Initial Cost Monthly Rate

Digital Display with Sanitizing Station

$1,719.00 $19.50

Digital Touch Display with Sanitizing Station

$2,096.00 $19.50


Digital Display Sanitizing Signage

From killing bacteria to being able to reach your audience with targeted messages better, the digital hand sanitizer kiosks offer businesses an all-in-one solution for getting their messages seen.

Digital Kiosk

The digital kiosk displays advertisements, messages, videos, news feeds and other forms of communication. The content can be managed using Wheelhouse Digital Solutions' cloud-based digital signage software.

Refillable Sanitizing Dispenser

This new specially designed digital signage hand sanitizer kiosk dispenses 99.99% germ-killing sanitizer gel or foam. Our dispense lasts for over 650,000 uses.